Gibson Les Paul Custom 1978

$ 11233.21

When we opened this guitar case we already had a feeling like Christmas. Along with silverburst, this breathtaking tobacco burst is probably one of the rarest and most sought-after colors when it comes to 70s Les Paul Customs.

We suspect that this guitar was a special order from the original owner.

Classic for this 78 Les Paul, in addition to the wonderful play marks on the neck and on the back of the guitar, we find the 3-piece maple neck paired with a one-piece mahogany body.

These traces show the history of around 45 years of music creation. And yes, ladies and gentlemen… these 45 years can be heard primarily in the tone of this guitar. A mojo of sound through old, well-rehearsed and incredibly vibration-friendly wood paired with the PU sound of old 70s T-tops! No new guitar from the custom shop can do that. This is the real deal! 

The neck has a very comfortable C profile… not too thin and not too thick… it’s fantastic how it fits in the hand with all the playing marks. Considering the fretless wonders among Les Paul custom guitars, this guitar with its original frets proves to be very easy and pleasant to play. The frets are still in very good condition. We are also amazed at how stable this guitar is in tune.

  • The 2 original „Pat.Nr. T-Tops“ have their output at 7,77K / 7.75K 
  • All the Pots are dated to 1978
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Gold hardware 
  • Original adjustable Nashville Bridge (Made in Germany)
  • 9.94lbs / 4,50kg

If you’re looking for “the” Gibson Les Paul Custom from the 70s, you’ll definitely find it here.

Whether as a player or as a collector with a timeless investment… this Les Paul leaves nothing to be desired.

1978… not the first choice of Adam Jones or John Sykes for nothing.