Gibson Firebird HP 2017 – Pelham Blue

$ 1750.00

Here’s my 2017 Gibson Firebird HP in Pelham blue. If you haven’t seen a Gibson in Pelham blue, it is a site to see. I took an up close pic to give you an idea. This is another guitar bought at the Stratosphere (guitar store), just as a body along with the bridge and stop bar. I customized everything else. Neck pickup is a Gibson Firebird pickup and the bridge is an SD hot rails. I originally put a firebird pickup in the bridge, but it just didn’t do it for me. I was in a hard rock band for a long time and needed something with a little more umf. The hot rails was the best alternative to routing out for a humbucker, and really fell in love with this guitar after Installing it. I also swapped the black pickup ring for a chrome one for the bridge; I just thought it looked better. I will include the other black pickup ring. This guitar was a main guitar for me and is wonderful to play, but like a lot of others, it just doesn’t get used anymore and needs to find another home. Guitar plays and sounds awesome, with low action and little fret wear. It has all of the HP (high performance) appointments; Real pearl inlays, titanium nut, aluminum bridge (w/ titanium parts) and tail piece, rounded fret edges and shaved down neck heel for better upper fret access. Added traditional Steinberger tuners and got an Epiphone case for it. Gibson firebird cases are nearly impossible to find and when you do, they are outrageously priced. Epiphone cases are nice anyways and fits it perfectly. I moved the strap button to where it needs to be, behind the heel of the neck. I don’t know what Gibson was thinking on the HP’s, but the original position made it neck heavy. As soon as it was moved to the heel, no neck dive anymore. The only issue with this guitar, is it has a couple of surface cracks in the finish coming from the nut (pictured). I left it outside in the cold a little too long and when I brought it in, the titanium nut and the finish were at different temperatures and not letting it acclimate to temperature caused the cracks. There has not been any trauma to this guitar what so ever and has been well taken care of. Not to mention, it’s a neck thru. The cracks have not grown since that cold night. Just and FYI; Graphite nut sauce is good for any guitar, but especially for firebirds on the 3 low strings. Guitar will ship within a week; I do have a full time job and I’m pretty busy. I like to take my time packing my guitars for shipment. This is an as is sale, with no returns, so please make sure you want it. If you have any questions or need more pics, please ask. Hate to see it go, but I have medical bills to pay. Sorry, no international shipping. Will video packaging and shipping. Guitar will be well packed and insured for the ride. If you have any questions, please ask.