Gibson Custom Shop Limited Run 1955 Les Paul Exclusive Series Hot-Mod 2010 – Gold Top

$ 5502.59

Gibson Custom Shop’s “Exclusive Models,” a special line introduced in 2010, recreate guitars based on converted 1955 models. Originally, there were ten variations in this lineup, but information on these models is now scarce, and they are rarely seen on the market, making them a rare series.

The model we have in stock is believed to be a “1955 Les Paul Exclusive Hot-Mod,” a conversion of a 1955 Goldtop with a bar tailpiece replaced by an ABR-1.

Typically, a 1957 Les Paul reissue would have a serial number starting with “7,” but this one is marked “5 0070.” Additional clues such as the pickups manufactured in 2010, slotted screws on the pickguard, the truss rod cover positioned away from the nut, the texture of the binding, the shape of the jack plate, and the included hard case suggest it was made in 2010.

It features high-quality mahogany and a rosewood fingerboard, with a thick “Soft Shoulder ’55 Profile” neck, echoing the 1950s style, delivering a robust Gibson sound. The pickups are Burstbuckers “BB1” and “BB2,” with stickers on the back, faithfully reproducing warm tones and rich overtones.

The thick neck produces a powerful sound, making it a guitar that resonates with Gibson’s historical essence.

A Gibson Custom hard case is included.

The sound is robust, with powerful drive tones, thick clean tones, and a superb Goldtop finish. It offers extended sustain and pleasant overtones, maintaining clarity even under heavy distortion. The iconic ’50s neck might contribute to its great sound, making it a joy to play endlessly.

Frankly, it’s hard to distinguish between a 1955 conversion and a 1957 Goldtop. If someone claimed this was a ’57, it would be believable. The neck feels slightly different from a typical ’57, being relatively thick but well-balanced.

It’s challenging to find a better humbucker-equipped guitar in this price range that delivers such an authentic Goldtop Les Paul sound. If you’re looking for a model from this series, it’s likely a rare find with no future restocks expected, making this a great opportunity.

Condition: Professionally cleaned and set up with new strings (D’Addario).

No problem with the electric systems. Neck is straight and the truss rod works with no issues. Remaining fret height is over 70 percent.

The guitar shows signs of wear, including scratches, tarnished parts, dents on the back of the neck, and other signs of use. The strap buttons have been changed to Schaller lock types.

Comes with a hard shell case.

We have images that we were not able to publish. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more pictures!

Weight: approx. 4.20kg

Serial Number: 5 0070


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