Gibson Custom Shop 【USED】Murphy Lab 1964 ES-335 w / Grover Ultra Light Aged 60s Cherry [3.65㎏] 2022

$ 5709.04

A used 2022 Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab 1964 ES-335 w/ Grover Ultra Light Aged 60s Cherry is now in stock.

This is a Japan-only model with limited edition Grover pegs and [CUSTOM] rod covers in Murphy Lab’s Ultra Light Aged specification!

It is difficult to judge the scratches and other marks that came later because of the original aged specifications, but the realistic aging that is typical of Murphy Labs is very raw,

The truss rod is in good condition and the frets do not show much wear, so playability is good.

The following is a guide to specifications based on the product description at the time of new sales.

Based on the 1964 ES-335TDC, which faithfully reproduces 1964 specifications such as small block inlays, pointed horn shape, and nylon saddle, this model features gold Grover pegs, custom truss rod cover, and other features of the cherry-colored ES-335 that Eric Clapton used. The center block is a Japan-only model with the 50’s-era pickup wiring, but the pickups are not wired in the same way as in the 50’s.

The center block is a so-called “crossroads” style with a counterbore that only 50’s pickup wiring goes through.

The ultra-thin lacquer has not only a vintage-like feel, but also physically reproduces the deterioration of the wood over time, making the wood sound as if it had been aged for a long time.

The slightly slimmed-down horn cutaway, the short pickguard adopted from the late ’60s, and other traditional features are retained, as well as the 2-cob Crewdson Deluxe pegs that started to be installed in the late ’60s, block position marks that started in the mid-’62, and the nylon bridge piece. The neck grip is the same size as the original.

The neck grip is the original ’64 medium C shape, which is slightly thicker than the slim neck of the early 60’s. Compared to the fat grip of the 50’s, the neck thickness is good from low to high positions and fits well in the hand, making it easy to play.

Most guitars in recent years use tight-bond gluing, but the gluing of the fingerboard, set-neck joint, and center block is done with nikawashi (Japanese paper glue).

This traditional gluing method glues the wood firmly together, resulting in excellent transmission of vibrations and a good “ring” to the instrument.

However, because of the high level of craftsmanship required for mass production, this gluing method is only used on some of the higher-end models.

The logo on the head is reminiscent of Gibson’s designs up to the 1960s, and the crown inlay is similarly close to the design of that era.

The truss rod cover is also made in the exact ratio of black and white 2-ply, and the high degree of perfection can be seen just by looking at the head.

The pickups are equipped with the well-known Custombucker, and Alnico3 magnets are used to produce a sweet vintage sound.

Of course, no potting treatment is applied as in vintage P.A.F.

The capacitor is a vintage type paper oil capacitor, which is one step closer to the old Gibson sound.

If you were unable to obtain one at the time and are looking for one, please consider it.

Warranty: Our standard used warranty

Comes with original hard case and tags