Gibson 60s ES-335 Block Cherry 2003 Japan Limited

$ 2812.64

Gibson Japan Limited ES-335 60s Block Export Chery 2003

The “ES-335” embodies the traditional resonance of hollow bodies and the expansive sustain of solid bodies, making it a classic Gibson semi-acoustic guitar that continues to captivate many players. Since its release in 1958, it has secured its place as a staple model cherished by numerous guitarists. Crafted from a 3-ply laminate body of maple/poplar/maple with a maple center block, it features the traditional materials of the ES-335, including a 60’s style mahogany neck (Slim).

This model features a plain maple top, block position markers, and a short pickguard, embodying a 60s-style aesthetic. It was released as a Japan-exclusive specification at 2000’s.

With two humbucking pickups labeled ” #1″ and ” #2″ on the back, featuring the “Burstbucker” pickups. These pickups have been cherished by players for over 60 years, giving birth to the versatile Gibson ES tone that has been loved and embraced by players for generations.

There’s no need to elaborate on the fantastic sound of the classic ES-335 model, but this particular model stands out with balancing distinctive looks and sound! The sweet clean tones and crunch on the front end are delightful, especially the lively attack and vintage-style airy resonance in the midrange.

I highly recommend it to anyone who’d like to nurture and grow their playing with it.

Condition: Good. Professionally cleaned and set up with new strings (D’Addario).

No problem with the electric systems. Neck is straight and the truss rod works with no issues. Frets remain over 80 percent.

There are minor scratches and dents, cloudiness. Please look at the pictures.

Comes with Gibson hard shell case.

We have images that we were not able to publish. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more pictures!

Weight: approx. 3.84kg [8.46lbs]

Serial Number: 02873731


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