Gibson 1965 ES-335TD Factory Bigsby

$ 20065.25

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Equipped with Number PAF, 17 degrees heads on wide nuts, ES-335TD Factory Bigsby in 1965.

In 1965, when the specifications were changed from Stop Tail Peace to Bran Tail Piece. This machine is a 64 -year specification of a wide nut, 17 degrees head, and a 64 -year pot date, and is one of the early 1965 Factory Bigsby without a tail piece anchor.

The sound that leaves a thick texture in the early 60s is very comfortable, and the tight sound pressure that adds to the sweetness of air unique to this period, and the reaction that stands up instantly is perfect. is not.
The thick sound of the code consisting of BIGSBY, the rich sustin, etc., will give you a good sound as expected.

A superficial scratch is seen from the model year, but we have kept a good condition overall. Bridge saddle is replaced. The original degree of parts is high, the neck condition is good, there is plenty of truss rod, there is also the rest of the frets, and the performance surface is good. Includes an original hard case.

Good sound that leaves the texture of Early 60’s is also an attractive individual! By all means at hand. BODY: Laminated Maple
Neck: 1PCS Mahogany Case


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