Gibson 1959 Les Paul Tom Murphy Painted & Murphy Lab Aged “The Legend” 2022

$ 20148.62

Here we have the absolute highlight of the collaboration between Musikhaus Hermann and Tom Murphy! We are extremely pleased to be able to offer you “The Legend” today, of which only 10 specimens were made. This is an unofficial “Greeny”, only with a far more spectacular top. The specs correspond to the historical guitar of Peter Green and Gary Moore with Sperzel tuners, reversed neck pickup and mismatched poti knobs …and what a great Les Paul! Painted by Tom Murphy himself (as the initials “TM” in the control compartment impressively prove), aged by the Murphy Lab and of course with special MHH features. Since the opening of the Murphy Lab it is extremely rare for guitars to be worked on by Tom Murphy himself, which naturally makes these instruments highly sought-after collector’s items with the best value retention. And the guys at the Murphy Lab have also done a great job here when it comes to the aging. The beautifully grained premium flame top is covered with countless hairline cracks and quirks, the characteristic spots show authentic wear and tear and the sound also initially suggests that this is a real old one. This Les Paul resonates really well even when played dry, even without an amplifier you can immediately feel the dry, woody character of a very good vintage guitar that has been played for a long time. Fast response, great resonance, fantastic sustain, growling bass, wiry mids and radiant highs. The unamplified top sound is transmitted to the amp in the very best manner by the two unpotted MHH Custombuckers (4-Conductor NPC TH XHBMR), which were modeled on old PAFs. At clean amp settings the neck pickup is warm, transparent, three-dimensional and never undifferentiated or muddy in the basses. With higher gain settings you can then hear the so-called “bloom effect”, the blossoming of the tone for which old PAF pickups are famous. Whether Paul Bloomfield, Billy Gibbons or Gary Moore – anything is possible! Depending on the gain setting, the bridge pickup impresses with snap, bite and smack without ever being too intrusive. Crisp riffs reach the ear with the same naturalness as chunky chords or fat leads. In addition, the “Out of Phase” middle position of both pickups with slightly reduced output delivers great sounds with a nasal basic character – you immediately have the old Fleetwood Mac recordings with Peter Green in your ear! By using the volume and tone pots you can also create wonderful sound colors in the finest gradations. The dynamic range of this instrument is also exceptional, every nuance of the playing is directly realized. And also the playability of the “Legend” with a dream weight of only 3718 grams and the optimized “MHH CC 59 to 60 Authentic” neck profile is absolutely top league! You won’t voluntarily put this great instrument down, you’ll feel right at home here! We are delighted to offer you “The Legend” in mint condition, the ultimate combination of first-class “Greeny” specs, fantastic vintage sound, top playability and highest rarity value. …and as an exclusive treat the whole thing comes with the special “Burst Wishes” certificate, signed by Tom Murphy himself. 

  • incl. original case, “Burst Wishes” certificate, hang tags, leather coaster with proof of limitation
  • weight: 3718 grams
  • subject to differential taxation