Gibson 1959 Les Paul Reissue 50th Anniversary Gloss 2009

$ 6185.51

To mark the 50th anniversary of the 1959 Les Paul Standard in 2009 Gibson launched a special 50th anniversary model in a strictly limited edition. This Les Paul R9, produced as part of this series in the super rare Rust Burst Gloss finish, is an absolute visual treat and also sounds fantastic. The top with wonderful bookmatching, a 3D-like appearance and a gradient of the flame that emerges differently from every angle from the gold tone in the middle to the dark rust-brown shade at the edges. Rounded off by the exceptionally beautiful rosewood fingerboard and the interesting zebra look of the pickups, the whole thing comes without any artificial patination – here you still have to provide the aged vintage look yourself! The 59-Medium neck profile sits perfectly in the hand and combined with the ideal weight of 3880 grams is easy to play in all positions. “57 Classics” are installed, which are known to be extremely close to the old PAF sound. Here you get wonderful cleans with sparkling, pearly highs and screaming, smacking distortion sounds with plenty of oomph. Singing lead sounds with fat sustain on the neck pickup. The bridge pickup asserts itself well without ever sounding too aggressive. Differentiated, incredibly open and direct sound with just the right amount of midrange and a great tone! The general condition of the guitar, including the frets, is excellent with only a few minor signs of use and a few belt buckle scratches on the back. The pickups were once replaced, but now the original ones are back in place, neatly soldered. If you are looking for a ’59 Les Paul with a particularly beautiful, unaged appearance, classic Paula sound, top playability and the highest rarity value, this is the right guitar for you.

  • incl. original case, certificate, hang tags
  • weight: 3880 grams
  • subject to differential taxation