Gibson 1957 Les Paul Junior Reissue VOS TV Yellow #732285 – Custom Electric Guitar

$ 4055.09
  • Singlecut electric guitar from the Gibson Custom store
  • Authentic reissue of the Les Paul Junior from 1957
  • Serial number 732285
  • VOS nitrocellulose finish with Vintage patina
  • Set-neck construction with 24.75″ scale length (628 mm) and Hide-Glue for the wood joints
  • One-piece mahogany body
  • One-piece mahogany neck with long neck heel (Long Neck Tenon)
  • 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with Dot inlays
  • “Chunky C” neck profile
  • One Gibson Custom P-90 single-coil pickup with Dogear cap in bridge position
  • Hand-wired circuit CTS potentiometers and paper-in-oil cap
  • Gibson wraparound bridge
  • Kluson White button tuners
  • Includes Gibson Custom Shop Guitar case and certificate

Loving and authentic recreation down to the smallest detail

With the Gibson 1957 Les Paul Junior Reissue VOS TV Yellow, the Gibson Custom Shop presents a loving and authentic recreation of the straightforward student guitar from the end of the fifties, whose incomparably direct sound gave countless legendary songs between rock, Blues and punk that certain something. naturally, Gibson manufactures the electric guitar traditionally with hide-glue, a one-piece mahogany body and a strong “Chunky C” mahogany neck. On the guitar amp, the ’57 Les Paul Junior Reissue with a Gibson Custom P-90 single-coil pickup delivers unadulterated clean and crunch sounds that respond to playing technique with excellent dynamics. Last but not least, the Gibson Custom Shop completes the 1957 Les Paul Junior Reissue VOS with historically correct Hardware in the form of a wraparound bridge and classic Kluson White button tuners.

Historically correct construction

In the construction of the 1957 Les Paul Reissue guitar, the luthiers at the Gibson Custom store naturally follow the historically documented specifications from the end of the Fifties. The one-piece mahogany body and the mahogany neck are glued with hide-glue and a long neck heel (long neck tenon) for a particularly lively sound with optimum resonance transmission. The pleasantly strong “Chunky C” neck profile also sits comfortably in the hand, so that the classic licks of Blues and rock can be performed with ease on the 22-fret rosewood fingerboard.

Custom P-90 with hand-wired circuitry

The electric sound conversion of the ’57 LP Junior Reissue is handled by a Gibson Custom P-90 in single coil, whose construction is clearly based on the originals of the Golden Era. When plugged into an amplifier, the guitar impresses with an amazingly dynamic sound character that can be shaped by the playing technique and brings both clean and overdrive sounds to life. To adjust the tone, Gibson has also equipped the Les Paul Junior Reissue with a hand-wired circuit that promises particularly smooth Treble roll-offs thanks to the first-class oil paper capacitor.

Traditional hardware equipment

Straightforward and historically correct hardware completes the 1957 Les Paul Junior Reissue VOS electric guitar from Gibson. The traditional, height-adjustable wraparound tailpiece serves as both bridge and tailpiece, contributing significantly to the sound character of the electric guitar. Behind the nylon saddle, Kluson White button tuners on the typical open-book headstock ensure a stable Tuning and the genuine vintage look.