Gibson 1957 Les Paul Custom 3-Pickups 2014 – Ebony

$ 5300.00

Hello, fellow lefties! Selling this 2014 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Custom 3-Pickup Reissue (A.K.A. The Gibson Black Beauty). 

This was the boyhood dream guitar, you all. I can’t believe I’m even considering parting with it, but I’m currently chasing a Fender Custom Shop Jazzmaster and Fender’s prices are through the roof…..!!!! So, unfortunately, something has to go from my current collection. 😢 Because…. You know…. Kids and a wife. 😒👩🏽👧🏽👶🏽👶🏽😝

Looking to find her a good home with someone who will love playing this guitar as much as I have. 

This LP Custom is in MINT condition! Even the case hardly has any wear. I don’t play out, so my guitars are stored away safely in the appropriate climate and are very well taken care of. These days, I’m so busy that I barely get to play at all, so they are mostly just in my music closet in their respective cases. ☹️

Anyways, a little background on this guitar….. It is a one-off Custom Shop build from the infamous Juszkiewicz days 🙄 signed off on by the man himself due to my connections with the Gibson Custom Shop. At that time, the 3-pickup Black Beauty had been discontinued and anything that wasn’t in regular production had to be signed off on by Henry. 

It does include a few upgrades. The Bigsby was installed professionally by the fine gentlemen at well renowned Glaser Instruments in Nashville, Tennessee with a Vibramate, a spacer down by the bottom strap button, and felt pads as to not damage the paint in the event of removing the Bigsby, if a Bigsby isn’t your thing….. Meaning you can have this guitar WITH or WITHOUT wiggle stick (Insert Mark Agnesi jokes here). 😝

I upgraded the pots and caps to Bare Knuckle CTS 550k potentiometers and Jupiter Condenser Bumblebee 0.022Uf 600v capacitors. However, the original pots and caps will be included with the purchase as well along with the original COA (Certificate of Authenticity) and original Custombucker pickups. 

Last, this sell will also include a set of Tom Holmes pickups which are currently installed in the guitar (An H450 in the neck, H453 in the middle, and H455 in the bridge per Tom’s suggestion). 

If you know, you know…. But, for those of you who are not familiar with Tom Holmes, Mr. Holmes makes some of the most RARE and sought after PAF replicas around. And, IF you can get your hands on a secondhand set, they go for a pretty penny!!!!  🤑💵💸

Moreover, Tom Holmes is VERY selective about whom he will agree to make pickups for as most of his dealings are with his connections overseas ONLY these days. Furthermore, Tom is also the man responsible for assisting Gibson with the creation of one of the company’s most popular pickups to date, the 57 Classic. Tom Holmes was also commissioned for the pickups that came installed in the accurate recreations of the Peter Frampton Phenix Les Paul that Gibson did a limited run of surrounding the return of the fabled guitar to Mr. Frampton for the 35th Anniversary of the Frampton Comes Alive album. 

With all that said, let the selling begin! Feel free to DM me with any questions. I’m looking forward to seeing where this guitar ends up next within the lefty community. 

*NOTE: Buyer responsible for shipping costs. Cost may vary based on location. Willing to ship overseas and outside of the United States. However, buyers outside of the United States are responsible for any additional costs associated with shipping.*