Framus Renegade 1992

$ 1065.10

Framus Renegade – a rare vintage guitar.
Special model from the early 90s.
With beautiful mother-of-pearl inlays in the neck. (Orientation points on the side).

1 tone control and 1 pull volume potentiometer.
3 single coils and 1 additional rail humbucker in single coil format in the bridge position – all Framus Seymor Duncan.
22 frets. 5-way switch. The rail humbucker is switched on by means of a pull-pot function for the volume.

This makes the guitar a faithful companion even for heavier sounds.

The guitar is an excellent powerstrat with a wide range of sounds from super twang to gain monster.
In perfect condition!

Belongs to our drummer and is simply too good not to be played anymore.

It’s a gourmet piece in any collection – but it should be on stage.
Testing possible and desired.
Please no outrageous offers.
This is not a distress sale but a fair offer for an excellent guitar that does not deserve to gather dust.

Must be: Private sale and no warranty. Shipping costs to be paid by the buyer.

Private sale and no warranty. Fees and shipping costs by the buyer.