Fender TL-52 Telecaster Bigsby CIJ 2006 – White Blonde

$ 1435.00

2006 Fender TL-52 White-Blonde Telecaster Reissue MIJ

A beautiful Fender MIJ Japanese Tl-52 Telecaster. As vibe-y as it gets. Resonant, fantastic looking, stock hardware. The neck was replaced with the neck from a newer 2016 Fender Japan neck from an un-played TL-69, which suits it well with bright tone and light colored maple finish. This one absolutely screams, it sounds great in every position. Low action. The lacquer is still over the frets, the guitar it came from wasn’t used. The original frets on the instrument were badly damaged, a donor neck was sourced from a 2016 with a lighter finish than the original. 

Condition is 8/10, shows light play wear, some tarnishing of metal parts. The neck and body come from separate instruments, the original 2006 neck was damaged and is beyond the budget for an instrument of this kind. 


There are light impressions on the front and back, one or two hard to spot dings on the side, shallow marks on the pickguard. Generally, looks great. There are no cracks or ugly damage to the blonde finish, the guitar presents extremely well. The neck has a few small places where it has small dings on the front edge of the headstock. Comes in an as-new Fender hard case. Set up on 10’s, the guitar weighs in at 8lb and 4oz.

See the pictures, ask for more. As always, there are more pictures available on my site, deegearlocker dotcom, than Reverb will host.