Fender Telecaster TL 52 SPL (order made) 1985 – Satin nitro

$ 1135.99

E serial vintage Fender MIJ Telecaster in the ‘Micawber’ style. Stamped ‘Order made’ on the body but not on the neck. Not sure if this is a one off order made model or a short limited run for a Japanese guitar store.
It seems to be stained ash with a thin nitro finish. This guitar being ash is heavy, 4.6kg heavy!

The neck is worn down and feels amazing, the best I’ve ever played. has some wear damage on the fretboard and the frets still have life left in them.

The bridge pickup has been replaced at some time in its life to a Seymour Duncan mini Humbucker.
This is not a glossy, pretty guitar. it’s worn in, aged with time and use. A Tele to be played, not kept in the closet.

I picked this guitar up from Japan a little while ago! Im not in a rush to sell, and this guitar isn’t for those who want something flashy and glam, but a guitar with a dark mojo To it!
Any questions or extra pictures please message me!
Comes with a recently purchased fender hard gig case