Fender Telecaster Elite 2018 – Champagne

$ 1710.02

Fender Telecaster Elite with Custom Bareknuckle Piledriver Pickup


Experience the height of guitar craftsmanship with the 2018 Fender Telecaster Elite, a stunning blend of visual beauty and sonic power. This model is a part of Fender’s Elite line, known for its advanced features and exceptional playability, perfect for the modern guitarist.

Additional advanced features include the S-1 switching system for expanded tonal possibilities, locking tuning machines for enhanced tuning stability, and an elite suspension bridge for improved sustain and resonance. The guitar is built with top-quality materials and finishing, reflecting Fender’s commitment to excellence.

This particular Telecaster Elite is further enhanced with a custom Bareknuckle Piledriver pickup at the bridge, adding to its tonal versatility and making it a unique find. It comes in a sophisticated champagne finish, ensuring it stands out both in appearance and sound. The guitar is in immaculate condition and comes with an Elite Molded case for ultimate protection.


  • Advanced Ergonomic Design: The Telecaster Elite boasts a new, cutting-edge design for enhanced playability. It features a comfortable, modern “C”-shape neck, contoured for a smooth playing experience.
  • Custom Bareknuckle Piledriver Pickup: Equipped with a custom Bareknuckle Piledriver pickup at the bridge for an unparalleled sound. These pickups merge seamlessly, forming a humbucking pattern that delivers a tight, heavy tone with no noise.

    Note: I can also swap the bare knuckle pickup for the original noiseless pickup for serious buyers.

  • Fourth-Generation Noiseless Pickups: Originally fitted with Fender’s fourth-generation Noiseless pickups, this guitar offers a classic vintage tone without any unwanted noise, making it perfect for both studio recording and live performances.
  • Compound Radius Neck and Fretboard: The neck gradually flattens from a 9.5” radius at the nut to a 14” radius at the upper registers, providing exceptional comfort and facilitating fast playing action.
  • S-1 Switching System: The S-1 switching system adds extra tonal options to the guitar, allowing for a diverse range of sounds and styles.
  • Locking Tuning Machines: The inclusion of locking tuners ensures that the guitar remains in tune, providing stability and reliability no matter how hard you play.
  • Elite Suspension Bridge: The guitar features an innovative suspension bridge that enhances sustain, resonance, and stability.
  • Top-Quality Hardware and Finishing: Fender’s commitment to quality is evident in the high-grade hardware and the meticulous finishing, ensuring this guitar not only sounds great but also looks the part.
  • Elite Molded Case: The guitar comes with an Elite Molded case, offering the utmost protection and a perfect fit for this exquisite instrument.