Fender Roland G-5 2012

$ 840.61

Hard case

The latest COSM guitar modeling is integrated into the Fender® Stratocaster. In addition to various guitars such as telecasters, acoustic guitars, and 12-string guitars, next-generation guitars that can express completely new performances.

【Main Specifications】
Guitar specification G-5-BLK: Body paint color = black, neck = 1 piece maple
Common specifications Body material = Alder neck fingerboard R = 9.5 inches (24.1 cm), neck shape = modern “C” shape, scale length = 25.5 inches (64.8 cm), number of frets = 22, fret size = medium jumbo pickup Single type x 3, Divided type x 1 Bridge Vintage style synchronized tremolo
Control MODE knob (5 types can be selected in total)
N: Normal Stratocaster signal (this setting is not a modeling sound)
S: Modeling Stratocaster
T: Modeling Telecaster
H: Modeling humbucking
A: Modeling acoustic
TUNING knob (6 types can be selected in total)
N: Normal tuning
D: Drop D
G: Open G
D: D modal
B: Baritone
12:12 string guitar
TONE knob, VOLUME knob, 5way switch indicator Power indicator Specified output level -20dBu Output impedance 2kΩ Recommended load impedance 20kΩ or more Connection terminal Guitar jack (standard type) Power supply DC 6V: Alkaline battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery (AA) Type) x 4 Current consumption 230mA (DC 6V)
* Battery life during continuous use (depending on usage conditions)
Alkaline battery: about 6 hours, rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery: about 9 hours
* Even if the battery is exhausted or removed from the instrument, it can be used as a normal Stratocaster.

Neck: straight
Truss rod: There is room
Fret remaining: 80%
String height: 6th string side 1.75mm 1st string side 1.75mm (on 12F)
Weight: 3.790 kg
Electrical system: No problem
Condition: There are few scratches and dirt, and the playing condition is good.

6 months
* Warranty is valid only in Japan