Fender Partcaster 2024 – Relic 2tone white over pink

$ 1587.39

Up for sale a Fender Partscaster 2 Tone White Over Pink with Relic finish i handmade in Athens Greece.This project turned out awesome with tons of sustain for the vibrating woods.

All relicing was done by me and it was a very time consuming proccess.The guitar plays like a dream and holds tuning great.

Here are the specs:

Musikraft Flame Maple neck

Body Alder 2 pieces Nitro finish

Kluson Deluxe tuners

Gotoh string tree

Graphtech bone nut

Fender American bridge with brass saddles

Bridge Pickup Fender Japan TL62 6,2K

Neck Pickup Fender Japan TL62 5,7K

Pre wired electorincs with 250K CTS pots

Orange drop capacitor

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