Fender Mustang 1960s parts-caster vintage USA with Mastery Bridge

$ 2018.88

The ultimate 24” rock machine!! Made from a tasteful combination of vintage and modern parts:

1965-66 fender mustang body (og red)
1977 fender music master neck
1960s fender mustang f tuners
1960s fender mustang tremolo system
Mastery bridge
Fender WRHR pickups

Very simple controls- 1 volume knob-one switch- middle position is a kill switch.
Straight forward and plays/sounds fantastic. The mastery bridge makes this guitar a pleasure to play. Full fat sounding humbuckers and quick playability of the 24” neck sets this guitar as a major grunge riff machine.

Can post anywhere in Australia for $35 or pickup from Wollongong NSW