Fender Kyle McMillin Masterbuilt 1952 Telecaster Ultra Relic 2022

$ 9896.23

Undoubtedly one of the new stars in the Fender firmament: Kyle McMillin, known for his by no means subtle relicing and his absolute obsession with detail. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of one of his amazing instruments. We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to offer you this Telecaster, which is phenomenal in every respect. Classic Butterscotch with the most intense aging, so that in addition to hairline cracks and quirks the characteristic lacquer abrasion also reveals a completely unique dimension. This guitar looks as if it has never missed a club session in the last 50 years. Its neck (Roasted maple!) has the proven “60 Style Oval C” profile with a 7,25″-9.5” compound radius and Narrow/Tall frets, which combined with its ideal weight of only 3080 grams results in greatest playing comfort. The compensated RSD bridge provides perfect intonation. In terms of sound, McMillin opted for handwound “Empire Red Hot” pickups, which are the hottest-wound Tele pickups. It really knocks your socks off when distorted, but that doesn’t mean that this Telecaster doesn’t enchant you with a wonderfully warm and crystal-clear tone in clean mode, …but with plenty of fire that really makes it sing! We are therefore extremely pleased to be able to offer you this very special collector’s Tele in mint, virtually unplayed condition.

  • incl. original case, certificate, spec sheet, strap, case candy
  • weight: 3080 grams
  • subject to differential taxation