Fender Katana 1985 – Black – with original fitted hard case.

$ 1995.00

Real Deal First Year 1985 Fender Katana with original tremolo arm & fitted hard case:

This is one of the more rare and unique guitars ever offered by Fender. It is a bit like a Gibson Flying V in its basic design in that it has a set neck with a tilted headstock and two humbuckers with a three way toggle, one TBX tone control (sparkly highs), and one volume pot. It also has a floating tremolo and string-lock. It feels great in the hand and has an awesome tonal palette. It is currently set-up with fresh Ernie Ball 2229 Hyper Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings – .008-.042.

It kills me to have to sell this beauty, but I have too many guitars and I don’t play it often enough. I need the money and feel like it deserves to be played. My loss, your gain.

As I understand it, it was designed and manufactured during the transition from CBS to employee ownership, as Fender’s sharp cornered design meant to compete with the offerings from Gibson et. al. in the hair metal realm. It was crafted in Japan because the manufacturing fitments, machinery, and facilities were not included in the sale to the employee consortium. It’s an exceptionally high quality well crafted instrument.

I listed it to be in very good condition because in its 38 years it has acquired the cosmetic nicks and scratches one would expect (pics included of all of the flaws that I’ve found). The neck is true and straight. The frets have very little wear with no grooves. The fingerboard is like new. For its age it is in functionally excellent condition.

From the Wikipedia Entry:

The Fender Katana is an electric guitar built by Fender. It was designed by marketing director Dan Smith in 1985. The Katana was designed to compete with the unconventionally-shaped guitars of the era, such as the Jackson Randy Rhoads, and to satisfy Fender dealers who were suffering from the competition those instruments offered. The Katana did not sell as well as Fender hoped, and it was discontinued in 1986 before being reissued as a Masterbuilt Custom Shop model as part of the Prestige collection three decades later.

The Katana has a maple glued-in neck with bound rosewood fingerboard, offset triangle markers, a 629mm (24.75″) scale with 22 frets, a truss rod adjuster at the headstock end. It features a string clamp, an arrow-head-shape headstock and a neck that matches the body color. The guitar has a pair of open-coil humbucking pickups with black bobbins, master volume/TBX tone controls and a 3-way pickup selector, all on body, and a side-mounted jack socket. It also has a 2-point System I locking vibrato unit.

A less expensive Squier version of the Katana – much more commonly available in the used market – was also made, with a single humbucking pickup, a bolt-on short scale neck, vintage-style 6-screw tremolo bridge and a single volume control. It was also available as a bass model with a split-coil P-Bass humbucker, 4-saddle bridge and a medium 32″-inch scale maple neck with a 20-fret rosewood fretboard.

Thanks for looking and if you like what you see, make an offer. If you have any questions, message me and I’ll try to answer them promptly.