Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special with Pau Ferro Fretboard 2018 – 2019 3-Color Sunburst

$ 1100.00

Badass guitar right here.

Rebuilt electronics with Seymour Duncan pots and SD Hot JM in the neck and coil tapped  Curtis Novak wide range in the bridge all with a copper coated body cavity. (I went through 4 different pups in the neck and bridge before settling on these. )

The bridge is a Fender Mustang bridge with graptheche saddles, I can’t comprehend why Fender sold these guitars with the terrible outdated tunomatic. The saddles are a life saver forJM bridges, it instantly gave the guitar much more sustain and volume, overall a significant tone upgrade while keeping the strings easily to innotate  and no slippage or popping out as with most stock JM bridges. It also has a new bone saddle on the neck.

The guitar does have some dings and dents, but I feel that you need some on a Fender offset  🙂 Also, the stickers look badass and will come with the guitar no extra cost.

I am in no rush to sell so please message me if you are interested, also I may decided to keep the current bridge and put a standard mustang bridge on and will knock a few bucks off the price tag. I am mostly interested in selling to fund an American made JM. I am happy to wait until I get the price I want for her so lowballers don’t waste my time or yours.
Will come with originaln pickguwrd and bridge.

Any questions feel free to message me 🙂