Fender AVRI ’57 Stratocaster (see details) 1987 Mary Kaye

$ 2595.00

Some wear and tear, but NOT beat. 

Nicks, dings, and checking yes.
 (LOTS of photos, so check ’em out).  PLEASE read all. Questions? ASK!
Fret wear is minimal for it’s age as it was used primarily with flat wound strings.
The pickups were replaced (at least 1) with Fender Customs (not sure WHICH but the middle pu is reverse wound.
This was done before the current owner bought it (about 15 years ago). It’s on consignment.
The difference in readings isn’t noticeable plugged in.

They read 5.55 br – 6.51 mid – 6.23 nk

The vibrato arm looks newer, as is the tweed case (nice & clean) & strap buttons. ALL ELSE ORIGINAL.
             SEE PHOTOS   It’s VERY reasonably PRICED for this model