Fender 1979 25th Anniversary Stratocaster – ALL ORIGINAL 1979 – Original Pearl White

$ 4886.19


The 1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th Anniversary model is a distinguished and highly collectible guitar, celebrated for its historical significance and unique features. This particular instrument is in its original, unaltered condition, maintaining its rare Pearl White finish. It comes with its original hard case, which provides both protection and a sense of authenticity.


  • Body: Contoured Alder with the exclusive Fender “offset” design.
  • Finish: Original Pearl White (only the first 500 units were finished in this colour before Fender switched to Porsche Silver due to finish issues).
  • Neck: Maple “C” profile with a detachable hard rock maple neck and curved maple fingerboard, featuring 21 nickel-silver frets.
  • Pickups: Three adjustable and grounded wide-range, high-output single-coil pickups.
  • Hardware: Original Sperzel locking tuners, synchronised tremolo with swing-away arm, and a four-bolt chrome neck plate commemorating the 1954-1979 dates.
  • Controls: Five-position pickup selector switch, master volume, and two tone controls.
  • Accessories: Original moulded hard case, strap, polishing cloth, and an authenticating certificate.

Historical Significance:

The 1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th Anniversary model represents a pivotal moment in Fender’s history, marking a quarter-century since the Stratocaster’s introduction in 1954. This model was the first of Fender’s anniversary editions and was designed to showcase the brand’s commitment to both innovation and tradition. The Pearl White finish, now highly sought after, was initially intended to set this limited edition apart but was quickly changed due to its susceptibility to flaking.


This particular guitar is in excellent condition, with all original parts intact and no modifications. The finish, though rare and delicate, has been preserved impeccably, making it a valuable piece for collectors and enthusiasts.


Due to its limited production run and unique finish, the 1979 Pearl White Fender Stratocaster 25th Anniversary model is a prized possession among collectors. Its unaltered state enhances its value, offering a genuine glimpse into Fender’s craftsmanship from that era.