EVH Striped Series Circles White and Black – Electric Guitar

$ 1233.54
  • Basswood body
  • Maple neck (Quarter Sawn Maple)
  • EVH Modified ‘C’ neck profile
  • 22 fret fretboard with 12″ – 16″ compound radius
  • EVH Wolfgang humbucker at the bridge
  • Floyd Rose Tremolo with EVH D-Tuna
  • EVH-branded die-cast tuners
  • Black and White Circles satin finish

The EVH Stripe Series Circles Black and White at a glance

Eddie van Halen is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and influential rock guitarists of the 20th century. Reason enough to bring guitarists closer to his legendary Frankenstrat in the form of the sound, look and feel of the original with the EVH Stripe Series Circles Black and White. The instrument follows the classic basic construction and presents Eddie’s favorite specs including compound radius, a Wolfgang humbucker in the bridge position, the innovative D-Tuna for lightning-fast de-tuning to Drop D and of course a Floyd Rose vibrato system to get as close as possible to Eddie’s unmistakable playing style!

Basswood body and maple neck

The body of the EVH Stripe Series is made of basswood and bolted to the neck. Like the fingerboard, the neck is made of maple and features graphite reinforcement. The oil finish of the neck in combination with the Compund fretboard radius and the Jumbo frets ensure an extremely comfortable playing feel.

EVH humbucker & Floyd Rose

The single EVH Wolfgang humbucker in the bridge position delivers the typical Van Halen sound. A Master volume control is available for control. The Floyd Rose Tremolo guarantees exact tuning of the guitar even after heavy whammy bar actions and divebombs. It is also equipped with the D-Tuna, invented and patented by Eddie van Halen, which allows the E-string to be tuned to D in a matter of seconds.