ESP LTD MH-250 2008 – See-thr Black Quilted Maple

$ 450.00

I purchased this guitar new in 2009 from a local guitar shop. I’ve taken very good care of it over the years. It has a piece of the finish chipped off at the very tip of the headstock and a small ding between the pickup selector and volume knob (both shown in photos). The Floyd rose has also tarnished some but no more than one would expect.

The nut with the locking mechanisms have been replaced so it is shiny and new. I have installed a tremolo stopper in the back cavity to stop the floyd rose from floating which makes tunning and replacing strings a simpler process. This can easily be removed if you like having the floating bridge.

About 10 years ago I upgraded the pickups to active Seymour Duncans Blackouts. This thing is definitely a metal machine.

If you have an questions please feel free to ask! This guitar has been my baby for many years so I’ve tried my best to take good care of it. I’m looking to sell it so I can put the money towards an PRS custom since I play a wider range of music these days.