Ernie Ball Music Man JPX John Petrucci Signature

$ 2706.79

Ernieball Musicman electric guitar in a beautiful barolo finish. If you look closely, the colour sparkles under the light (but I’m unable to capture it with my shitty phone camera). I added a few more pictures I found on the net.

This is the loaded version (i.e. with piezo saddle system) with stainless steel frets. Also, the JP10 is the only John Petrucci model guitar that comes with a 5-way switch (all others come with 3 way switches). Extremely versatile. It is able to get strat-like / tele-like tones. The pickup positions are as follows (from bridge to neck):

Position 1: bridge humbucker
Position 2: coil split of both pickups (outer coils)
Position 3: both humbuckers
Position 4: coil split of both pickups (inner coils)
Position 5: neck humbucker

Details of the specs and controls are in the images.

Guitar comes with OHSC. Fantastic condition, I cannot find any scratches or dings at all. Bought before Circuit Breaker to gig with, but Covid hit so I hardly played this guitar. Set up by master luthier Wayne .

Check out some videos here: