Ernie Ball Music Man JPX-7

$ 2600.00

Up for grabs is my Ernie Ball Music Man JPX-7.

Would love to keep this thing but it Just doesn’t get the play time it deserves as I have been playing 8’s as of late. Owned many JP model 7 strings and this one is undoubtably the top of that list. Chambered body, piezo, 5 way blade, and the classic BFR badge that the current models I think are aesthetically lacking. what more could you ask for?

I feel I should mention, i will be sending a new Ernie ball compensates nut with this as the current nut has been filed to accommodate thicker gauge strings such as a .68 for the low G that I have it set up in as well as that tuning peg being professionally drilled out to accommodate the thicker string as well. to my knowledge there isn’t any cracks, scrapes, dents, or anything of that nature that you would find outside of the guitar being almost 14 years old.

Thanks for taking the time!