Epiphone George Thorogood Signature White Fang ES-125 TDC 2019 – Present – Bone White

$ 999.00

This is a great guitar that just isn’t getting enough attention lately! Incredible quality and comes with all the cool extras this release had, even the snake sticker! I love offers, pack and ship well and use the reverb insurance to keep us covered in case of shipping woes. There is some really good mojo going on with the signature editions they are doing. Way better than the average Epiphone product!

Epiphone George Thorogood White Fang ES-125TDC


Epiphone P90 Pro pickups

Wilkinson Deluxe tuners with ivory buttons

Bone White finish

Laminated maple body

Mahogany neck

24.75″ scale

12″ radius

20 medium frets

Pau Ferro floating bridge

“diamond” trapeze tailpiece (secured to the top)

Removeable “cobra” decal, certificate of authenticity hand signed, custom case with snake skin

handle and snakeskin insert inside

I’m just a gear nut, and not a store…so I don’t take returns or refunds. Unfortunately the ebay buying mentality has crept into reverb. Ask any questions before buying or offering, I’ll answer them all! Check out my feedback on here, and I’ve recently sold several guitars and all buyers were happy!