Epiphone Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior Upgraded

$ 898.00

Upgrades – My Loss is your gain.
Seymour Duncan Antiquity dog-ear bridge P90, Original P90 included.
Emerson custom prewired Gibson Les Paul Junior harness/kit with 500k pots,
Bumblebee capacitor and Switchcraft input jack. Original wiring not included.
The guitar also had a full setup when the new wiring/pickup was installed in May 2022.

This is for Local pickup.  I can not meet you since my car is no longer working.

This is the Epiphone Billie Joe Armstrong signature (NOT the player pack model) that just came out late last year 2021.

Mint Condition Guitar with Excellent Case. Case has some scuffs. See last photo.

With the upgrades and setup it sounds way better than stock form.

On top of that, the guitar comes in a custom hard shell case that is really cool! The leopard printed inside of the case and logo on the outside is almost a collector’s item on its own!

I really hate to sell it b/c it sounds amazing with the upgrades but I don’t have the tools to remove the upgrades and I didn’t like the feel of the 50’s neck in my hand. I prefer the 60’s slim taper.

Bring your amp and cables to try before you buy or use my Danelectro Nifty Fifty 1 x 8 combo.

All sales are final, you come to me for pickup.