Danelectro Innuendo danoblaster

$ 360.00

I have for sale an Early 2000’s Danelectro danoblaster innuendo strat style guitar with factory built in effects in the pickguard, its Korean made. This guitar sounds great and is wild to play with the effects. It features distortion, delay, chorus and echo all controlled by the bottom two knobs and powered by a nine volt battery. You also have the option of using the auxilary 1/4 jack input to bypass the effects and play normally, saving your battery. This guitar sounds great either way, with quality effects. The distortion is very strong, while the speed of the other effects can be manipulated by the bottom two dials. I have cleaned ut up and restrung it and adjusted the action, it plays smooth and with easy, very low action for comfort. Its in pretty good condition as pictured, minimal nicks and dings for a 20 year old guitar. The pots and press buttons have been cleaned and work well too. I’m asking $360 free shipping from Shelby, NC. Thanks for looking, please check out my other wild gear.