CORT Larry Coryell, LCS-1, 2000, Sunburst, OHSC, tune-o-matic, custom pickguard, Cipollina

$ 775.00

Greetings lookie-loo’s!!! The rules of engagement have changed; please
read them below. Remember, you can’t own these genuine, vintage, Made in Korea, CORT Larry Coryell LCS-1 signature guitar with OHSC, just by watching them. And, all
offers are entertained. To find other items for sale by myself, please
search the following key word = CIPOLLINA.

BEHOLD!!! For sale is a vintage (22 years old) sunburst CORT Larry Coryell LCS-1 archtop guitar with original hardshell case.  The LCS-1 is the one with the fancier inlay.  I have upgraded the guitar with a tune-o-matic bridge.  The original compensated bridge is long gone.  PLEASE SEE PHOTOS!!!

I purchased this guitar several years back on REVERB.  When I bought it, it did not have a pickguard.  A luthier friend of mine, who did the tune-o-matic set up, had some extra flame maple lying around.  He fashioned a flame maple pickguard (similar in style to the original), and a truss rod cover.  The truss rod cover is on the guitar and the pickguard is shown with the guitar.  The original truss rod cover is in the case pocket.  Recall that the original pickguard was gone when I bought this.  PLEASE SEE PHOTOS!!! 

The guitar is presently strung up with 12-gauge strings with relatively low action.  It plays great.  The styrofoam under the trapeze tailpiece helps cut down on the overtones projected by this guitar.  It is easily removed.  This is a great sounding, great playing, loud guitar.  It serves well as just an acoustic in a song circle situation.  It records nicely, direct, using an Alembic F2-B.  PLEASE SEE PHOTOS!!! 

All of the electronics work perfectly.  The OHSC has a few marks and scuffs on it.  But all of the latches and hinges work correctly and it will hold up for many more years to come.  PLEASE SEE PHOTOS!!! 

This guitar was patterned off of Coryell’s favorite, large body, archtop, Gibson guitar of the 400 series.  It is a large, and rather heavy guitar.  I am selling it because I don’t like a body this large.  I prefer a Joe Pass sized guitar.   PLEASE SEE PHOTOS!!! 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Please note that there will be a 15% restocking fee on all returned
items. There will be absolutely no refunds on items where the negotiated
price is different (lower) than the listed price.

Due to a recent
flurry of unnecessary returns, I am now having to change the rules of
the game a little. I do not sell items with warped necks, loose parts,
other defects, or parts that are broken but not shown in the
photographs. I am selling items from my personal collection, not items I
find in a pawn shop, at estate sales, or at garage sales, unlike some
hucksters here. If the item is unusable or unplayable, it is listed and
sold as a “PROJECT” for repair or parts.  

I take REVERB Pay as my
only form of payment. If you are not signed up for REVERB Pay before
attempting to purchase my item, please don’t bid on it. Please be signed
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you. Regarding shipping, make sure that your correct and complete
address is loaded into your REVERB account. If it is not properly
entered, and your item is returned to me, due to your failure to enter
your address correctly, I will repost (charge you postage twice) the
item at your expense, due to the extra time that YOU stole from MY life.

First time buyers will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Please note again that there will be a 15% restocking fee on all
returned items. There will be absolutely no refunds issued for items
where the negotiated price is different (lower) than the listed price.
If we do agree that the item should be returned, you will be responsible
for the shipping costs to return the item to me. After careful
examination of the item, a full or partial refund will be returned,
minus the restocking fee. In order to receive a full refund, minus the
restocking fee, the item must be returned to me in exactly the same
condition as it was shipped. That is, the item should look EXACTLY like
the photos that are in the listing.

In total, any bid, accepted
offer, or payment is a legal contract to purchase the offered item or
lot, as is. As such, it binds you as a buyer, to perform the terms of
this contract, with no deviation. Your bid, accepted offer, or payment,
signifies the offered item or lot, as described and pictured, meets with
your complete satisfaction, and is suitable for purchase without
reservation or recourse.

This item or lot is in the condition
clearly shown in the photographs, and accurately detailed in the written
description. Though it may indeed be, or appear as, new, it is not a
NEW item. It has been previously owned in some manner or fashion.
Therefore it is a USED item, and as such, is sold as is, with no
warranty of satisfaction or suitability.

Obviously all the main
points of this listing will be understood by competently examining this
listing; however, feel free to ask pertinent questions. I will try to
address your concerns quickly and accurately BEFORE you bid, offer, or
purchase. Since all items are previously owned, I have made a reasonable
effort to show flaws or signs of use, handling, storage, or age. No
significant flaws are left out of the information; I am trying to do
fair and accurate transactions. I repeat, any defects are carefully
documented. It is the sole responsibility of a perspective new owner to
do the due diligence to conclude, before bidding, the acceptability and
suitability of the item for their needs, BEFORE entering into this
legally binding purchase contract.

Your bid or accepted offer
signifies you fully understand and accept the binding terms of this
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item or lot, if there is any factor or issue, known, perceived, or
unknown which would make it unsuitable for your needs.

In other
words, it is what it is. If you have any problems accepting that fact,
DO NOT PLACE A BID, or try to purchase it.  If you bid, your offer is
accepted, or pay, the item is then your property, period.

note again that there will be a 15% restocking fee on all returned
items. There will be absolutely no refunds on items where the negotiated
price is different than the listed price.

Continental USA sales
only. Local sales OK. If you are a non-Continental USA buyer, please
have someone in the USA buy the item for you, and then they can forward
the item to you. This is called using a proxy buyer.  

All offers entertained.

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