$ 600.00

The “Pick Your Poison”

Up for sale is another custom Telecaster from Big River. The body is 1999 Fender Mexican Standard, blue and made of Alder. This body is in excellent shape for being almost 25 years old. The neck is a Mexican Fender from 2001, maple/maple, 21 medium jumbo frets, a 9.5” radius and standard Fender tuners. This fella needed a little work, so I gave it a fret level, crown and polish. Now this neck feels and plays incredible, its super comfortable, and it’s been worked in by it’s previous owner, and the frets have plenty of life left in them now.

The bridge is from a Fender Player Tele, and I’ve upgraded the electronics. It has an Oak 3way switch, 250k CTS pots, an orange drop from 920, a switch craft input jack, and i’ve installed a treble bleed for you to retain those highs when the volume gets rolled back.

Now the fun part. The neck is a Gibson PAF Humbucker that’s sounds incredible with its new home in this tele. Vintage, warm, responsive, just perfect. For the bridge, Ive gone with a Fender American Standard tele bridge. This pickup is outstanding as well, and 100% telecaster tone. With these two you get to “Pick Your Poison”, lay down some incredibly thick and warm rock and blues tones, or flip to the bridge and get that tele itch scratched. But wait there’s more… the middle position on this guy is total twang. I’m deliberate with the pickups I try and pair with one another and these two together give that total tele twang if you want it. That’s an incredible amount music that can be played from a 3way switch and two pickups.

This guitar kicks ass, from the way it feels, the way it plays, and most importantly the way it sounds, you can literally pick your poison!

Here at Big River we’ve started doing our own Nitro finishing on guitars. We mix our own colors to try and closely match the classic colors of the golden age of Strats and Tele’s . We are also mixing some more modern Fender colors as well. Some guitars will be relic’d, some will just have that incredible old school feel. Check back often to see what other Strats and Tele’s we turn into great looking great sounding guitars.

My instruments receive a full setup, with a
deep body/neck cleaning and polish. All
gloss maple boards are polished, while all
rosewood/darker boards receive an F1 &
lemon oil treatment. make sure all
electronics are in working order and if
something under the hood needs to be
changed, I make that determination
based upon what type/year guitar im
working on. But either way I am upfront in
my listing. Guitars are set up with
D’Addario XL 9-42’s. Action is checked.
and adjusted to Low-Med if necessary,
and tuning and intonation is set on all
instruments before I pack them to be shipped.

It always made me feel good when i
pulled a guitar out of a box and basically
only had to tune it up to pitch and away
you go, so I try to afford you the buyer, of
that same courtesy. Understand though
set ups are a truly personal thing. I
cannot guarantee everything but I try to
use the bell curve when it comes to
setting up instruments, so even if there is
something you wanted changed it is not a
big ordeal. Feel free to ask if there is
something specific you would like.
Anywho thank you for checking us out, if
you have any questions feel free to ask, if
there are any upgrades you wish to have
done on any guitar, let me know and I
promise I will be incredibly fair when
offering quotes for upgrades. Even if you
know you want to upgrade for example
the stock pickups on a MIM Fender Tele
but don’t know to what, shoot me a
message, I have knowledge on a wide
range tonal options.