CMI Telecaster deluxe, MIJ lawsuit guitar, like Ibanez, vintage and rare

$ 227.77

Cleartone Musical Instruments tele deluxe copy which will need a little work. It plays well, and it actually it sounds really good, with great beefy tone, but there are some issues with the eletronics – when it’s got overdrive on it, grounding issues become clear and you have touch one of the pots to stops the hum. A look at the elctronics or a ground wire would be recommended. Also, you only get sound out of one pick up in any of the three positions. I’ve looked inside and it’s due to the solder on one of the pickup wires having come off at the three way selector. A very easy fix but I don’t have a solder iron at the moment. Both pickups do work though as I tested it with a mulimeter and took pictures of the readings, which you can see in the pix. I’m giving you detailed description whereas most people would call it a ‘barn find’ or ‘wall art’ to get out of saying an instrument has issues that they know about.

It has a nice comfortable neck profile, not too chunky. It has quite a low/medium action, and plays well without any dead frets, but it could do with a set up. As you can see from the pictures, the neck is straight and without a twist. The frets are very low vintage style ones. The fret board has a lovely aged patina and looks really cool. One of the tuners has been replaced by one with a slightly longer turret. Tuners work fine.

Lots of dings and wear all over body, but nothing too awful for a nearly 50 year old guitar. It hasn’t been abused. Volume and tone pot knobs missing. Everything seems to be original.

Both humbuckers are alive and are putting out very healthy output readings of 9.14 at the bridge, and the neck at around 9.06. Please see pics, I recently tested them. However, the solder to one of the humbuckers has come off at the pickup selector toggle switch, and this will need to be re-soldered before both pickups can be used (as mentioned above). Original factory wiring leaves a lot to be desired. 

This is a lot cheaper (at least a third) than the other ones have sold for. It’s a very cool vintage guitar, and will make a nice easy project for someone to get it up and running to 100% working order. I’m open to very close offers as I need a quick sale but this is already WAY cheaper than others have sold for.