CalJa CJT-50P/BSB – Butterscotch Blonde

$ 3242.67

Calja is a collaboration of Japanese and American craftsmen who selected and cut the wood materials in California, and painted, installed, and did the final setup in Japan.

Ash body and maple 1P neck, butterscotch and 50s blackguard style!

The lightweight 2-piece swamp ash body and quarter-sawn maple neck are now rare in the world.

The wood was sourced and machined in LA by Robbie Kanrath, a former LsL Instruments employee who now works for Shabat Guitars and paints for many famous brands, and the guitar was built and set up by the master craftsman at PGM, the proudly Japanese component factory known for K.Nyui, Moon, and Vanzandt. Keiichi Yoshida, a master builder at PGM, a component factory in Japan, is in charge of the setup.

The paint job was done by PGM with an ultra-thin lacquer finish.

Generally, such cross-country incorporation of instruments is done to reduce costs, but this project goes the opposite way. The wood materials are of a grade that is difficult to obtain in Japan, and Mr. Yoshida’s skill and precision in the setup is unparalleled.

Hardware is made of materials that combine vintage tone with ease of use.

The newly selected Japanese-made P.U. is equipped with a June tone / Broad 50’s set. As the name suggests, the P.U. reproduces the late 50’s period, and while the output is a little low, it produces a high-density midrange.

The lightweight ash body provides depth of sound. The moderately thick neck grip is very reliable and plays a role in this rugged tone. The weight can also be said to be the best weight, about 3.04kg!

The fretboard is slightly flat (9.5R), and Yoshida’s fret treatment (Jescar FW47095) and set-up create a superb playing feel.

A perfect balance of classical feel, look, and sound with modern playability.

The look, sound, and playability of this instrument are all unquestionable.

This time, the price has been made more affordable by making it a non-aged model.

Please experience this greatness!

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