B&G Little Sister Crossroads Cutaway P90 Tobacco Burst Electric Guitar – CR190500417

$ 1739.57

Following The Tremendous Success And Recognition Of Our Private Build Collection, We Wanted To Create A New Version Of Our Guitars That Could Be Accessible To All Players. With Careful Work And Determination, We Started Developing The Crossroads Series – An Asia-Manufactured Production Of Our Models That Offers Classic B&G Looks And Construction At A More Affordable Price.

While Some Specs Had To Change, We Did Not Compromise On Our Quest For Tone.

The Little Sister Was The First Model We Released In The Crossroads Series. With An Amazing Value For Money For A Classic Putting B&G On The Map.

The Crossroads Series Needed To Be Built From Quality Solid Tone-Woods: African Mahogany Body And Neck, Katalox Fingerboard, And Solid Maple Top. Factory-Made Brass Hardware Made It Possible To Maintain The Familiar Look And Similar Tonal Qualities To Our Original Prototype.

The Little Sister Crossroads Cutaway P90 Tobacco Burst Comes Packed With A Pair Of B&G’s Crossroads P90 Pickups And Is Fully Compatible With Our Private Build Hand-Wound Pickups And Solid Brass Bridge, For Those Who Wish To Upgrade Further Down The Road.

The Little Sister Crossroads Turned Out To Be Everything We Expected, And More – A Gorgeous, Enchanting Instrument That Will Inspire You To Play All Day Long.