Bacchus TACTICS ONE TV YELLOW 3.23kg【横浜店】

$ 359.51

Bacchus is a Japanese brand based in Nagano, Japan.

It is a brand under the umbrella of Divisor, which owns a large guitar factory called Asuka Factory, and is appreciated by many musicians for its high quality because it is handcrafted by the factory itself.

This model may look unfamiliar to you, but that is because it is.
This is a prototype.

Only one P90 pickup is mounted on the rear.
It is a clean spec.

Only one in stock.
Please take this opportunity to purchase this rare item.

This is a prototype, so it will be sold at a special price.
Case is not included.

Text: Shunsuke Saga

Will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard box.
Will be packed with hard cardboard box.
will be packed with hard cardboard box.
We do ship internationally.

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