B.A. Ferguson Shirley – Wine red

$ 1100.00

This is a great guitar, and was Boot’s personal guitar! Lots of wear and bumps, and the pickup combination makes it so versatile! I’m letting go of a lot of my collection, and this is a hard one to do so! I like offers and ask any questions beforehand, I want you happy as I am with it!

This is a totally handmade guitar, and if you only know this brand from his flyweight series you need to check this out! Boot is a good friend and I’m sure he could answer any questions also.

B.A. Ferguson Shirley Standard


I bought this from Boot at winter NAMM 2020

Mahogany body and neck with Cambodian Rosewood fretboard

Cherry red nitro finish

Heavy Air Ritz humbucker and Boot90 pickups

Boot’s personal guitar, sold to me at Winter Namm 2020

Serial #s and signature in cavity and pickguard

Will ship in a hardcase, and with the build card with it’s specs

I’m just a gear nut, and not a store…so I don’t take returns or refunds. Unfortunately the ebay buying mentality has crept into reverb. Ask any questions before buying or offering, I’ll answer them all! Check out my feedback on here, and I’ve recently sold several guitars and all buyers were happy!