AriaPro 2 PE-R80

$ 1581.00

The PE-R80 released at that time is still coveted by enthusiasts even after 45 years as a Japan Vintage guitar,

This time, a reissue model that follows almost the same specs is in stock.

The body is made of three layers of different woods (maple/mahogany/maple).

The heel-less cutaway dramatically improves the playability of the high frets. Jointed neck is maple.

Fingerboard is made of ebony, a classic material for set-neck type guitars.

The electrical system with dual sound switches (series-parallel switch), also from the past, brings out the full sound of the carefully selected wood materials.

The “Classic Power” humbucker with slightly reduced output has less power than the original PE-R80,

The total tone is like a Custom Shop class quality.

The arched top and back and cloud-shaped inlays give it a high quality look that is satisfying in every way.

Body: Maple Carved Top & Back, Mahogany Center

Neck: Maple, Set-Neck, Heel-less Cutaway

Fingerboard: Striped Ebony


Scale: 628mm

Pickups: “Classic Power” Humbucker x 2

Controls: 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 2 Dual Sound SW, 3-way PU selector SW

Machinehead: Gotoh SG301

Nut: Brass

Bridge:SPT Bridge & QH Tailpiece


Finish:SBR(Stained Brown)