Aria 1532T 1970s – Acid Green

$ 900.00

A crazy guitar made in the 70’s. It’s very light, has an alder body with a maple neck of very thin profile and shorter scale lenght – the guitar plays on its own 🙂

The guitar has two single-coils designed by Aria with adjustable pole pieces – very unique sounding pickups, a bit like a pissed-off Fender Jaguar 🙂 The guitar also has a tremolo system, pretty much ripped off a Jazzmaster :p

The tuner heads are in the shades of ivory and the nut is made of bone.

The guitar, originally in white, has been swiftly refinished in an intense green color – you just can’t miss this one on the stage!

I highly recommend!

The guitar went through a thorough restoration;
– Fret levelling, crowning and polishing,
– New finish on the body,
– Hardware polishing,
– Cleaning and preservation of the fingerboard,
– Cleaning and maintenance of the electronics,
– Nut adjustment,
– New jack socket,
– New strings strings,
– A pro set-up.

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