2022 Gibson Les Paul Standard Slash Artist Signature Limited 4 Album Trans Cherry

$ 6500.00

$175 USA Shipping!!!!

$275 World Wide Shipping !!!!

$500 Shipping to Australia!!!!

Local Pick Up is encouraged !!!!

This is a 2022 Gibson Les Paul Standard Artist Signature Slash 4 Album Trans Cherry in Collectors Mint Condition that was distributed via Gibsons Artist Relations Dept to someone Famous via Sweetwater . It was sold / traded to a friend of his so unless you have an independent way to verify it I refuse to betray these Gents for obvious reasons . People are entitled to their privacy . Ignore the Glare in the Photos as my description is accurate but the Clear Coat makes it hard to photograph it is so shiny . There’s no issues to mention on this Guitar .

I’m listing this for local pick up . I can drive 50 miles from area code 44312 free of charge if that helps . If you need it delivered another way ask and maybe we can arrange something. Thanks Geiger

@#$%^&*()#%^ READ THIS *()#$%^&*()_$)                                                       I offer a return and refund Policy . Because of the size and weight of Guitars and Amps I don’t refund shipping either way plus I charge a 1 Dollar Re Stock Fee . I’d appreciate your common sense before you buy . This is one week for used and two weeks for new unless arranged before hand . If I made a mistake I’m happy to refund shipping too . Unfortunately I’m not perfect . We’re still working on that .  I dont guarantee set up related issues esp related to people that live in extremely warm or cold places .  A Simple Truss Rod Adjustment covers it . Don’t damage or alter my Guitar . I refund when I receive it and verify everything is as shipped . If you don’t agree to these terms don’t buy . This is a condition of purchase . Pictures are part of the description especially on Guitars that are in less than Mint Condition .

I verify all Guitars via Gibson Fender Taylor PRS Martin Ernie Ball / Musicman Reverend Carvin Jon Hill Larrivee Breedlove Ibanez or the appropriate Company / Brand Name Customer Service as authentic .       I do a perfect job of wrapping your stuff in plastic and then shipping it in it’s Original Box or a replacement as required with packing to keep it safe and secure plus plastic for water proof type protection . I offer and encourage local Pick Up .             I only guarantee Guitars to US Custom for International Shipments . The Insurance extends from there . If you have taxes or import Fees , local limits or rules on Used American Guitars it is your job to know and pay them . I’ll help when I can .  Because of the Price of Shipping since the Pandemic I’ll try to get it to you for the stated price , but if it is too high might need additional money or have to refund .     I expect honor and integrity from the people I do business with .   If you need longer ask before you buy as I know and respect extenuating circumstances . Do not buy this Guitar and then not pay me or ignore my Invoice as I’ll relist it within 24 hours .           Don’t buy this Guitar if you don’t agree to these terms . Tell us a story if you need a little help getting this Guitar   . We love stories . Thanks Geiger