2021 Gibson ES-339 Figured Blueberry Burst ~Video~

$ 2599.00

You’re gazing at a 2021 Gibson ES-339 Figured in the mesmerizing Blueberry Burst finish, accompanied by its original case. This guitar stands in excellent condition and operates flawlessly.

The Blueberry Burst finish truly captivates the eye, and upon closer inspection, you’ll find only minor surface-level scratches and a few small dings, hardly noticeable to the untrained eye. This guitar is impressively well-kept. I would confidently rate its condition at a solid 9 out of 10.

Everything on this guitar is in its original state—no alterations, no repairs, and no underlying issues. The neck is perfectly straight, ensuring a fantastic playing experience. The original frets exhibit minimal wear, and you can expect a clean, buzz-free performance.

To complete the package, the original case is in superb condition, offering excellent protection for your prized instrument.

For an even closer look, be sure to watch the video provided. This 2021 Gibson ES-339 Figured in Blueberry Burst is not only a musical instrument but also a work of art.

🎸 Click the last photo to watch the video. 🎸

  • Serial Number: 216610435
  • Nut Width: 1.69 inches
  • 1st Fret: 0.86 inches
  • 12th Fret: 0.96 inches
  • Neck Type: Rounded “C”
  • Finger Board: Rosewood
  • Pickups: 57 Classic (Neck) 57 (Bridge)
  • Weight: 7lb 14oz

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