2016 Kauer Banshee Aged Nitro Goldtop (Rock N Roll Relics)

$ 4400.00

Alright everyone… this one really hurts, but the trimming of the herd continues to pay off some bills. 

This is my absolutely stunning Kauer Banshee Aged Goldtop.  I ordered this as a tribute to my (previous) Vintage 1954 Gibson Les Paul Standard.  Hence why this one is dual p90 with a wraptail and in a beautifully aged nitro goldtop with natural back by Rock n roll Relics.  This was NOT a refin.  Doug worked with Billy at RNRR to get this finished as part of the build.  This is probably one of the VERY few nitro finished Kauers.  She originally came with cream plastics, which are included in the case.  I decided to black it out with a custom multi-ply pickguard and p90 covers from MojoAxe.

It’s a pure rock machine.  The P90’s have amazing bark and the guitar is insanely light weight at only 6lbs 6.8oz (6.425lbs).  The neck is a super familiar nice ‘C’ shape .822” at the first to .978” at the 12th. 

Aside from the black plastics and the obvious aged Nitro finish, she has some other great upgrades.  Originally it came with an aged set of kluson banjo tuners… since then, Doug has found the Rickard Cyclone tuners which are AMAZING!  These are the best thing that could have happened to this guitar. While in the shop getting new tuners, Doug ran her through the Plek machine to get her all squared away and playing like new.  She’s also got a hard case… no mono bag here.  She fits like a glove in the Epi firebird case.

More details in the pic of the spec sheet I created, but as per usual, if you have any questions, please reach out!

Please note, I’m not selling a bunch of “turd” gear… I’m selling some prized pieces from my gear collection for a few reasons, but mostly to cover some unexpected large medical expenses (Human and Canine) that came up at the end of the year that we’re still working through. My collection has grown pretty large so financially it makes sense to free up some funds to chisel away at some debt rather than hold on to a bunch of things I don’t get the opportunity to play as much anymore. I know return you to your regularly scheduled programming…