1988 Greco EGS56-65 Vintage Les Paul Special Made in Japan

$ 870.83

Here we have a very nice 1988 Greco EGS56-65 in Good condition, guitar looks like its all original.

Has a few bumps, chips, scratches, sticker burn, player wear (most notably the chip to the headstock)  but overall it looks good.

Frets are in good condition, guitar plays well up and down the neck, guitar is loaded with Greco ‘HOT LICK’ P90 style pickups which sounds great.

Weight is 3.8kg
From the Catalogue:
“It has a light weight mahogany body that demonstrates mobility, and is a beautiful rock and roll lineup equipped with a single coil type pickup “HOT LICK” that has a thick sound. Special looks are everything. The simple face, which completely eliminates bulky decorations and concentrates only on the function as a pure sound machine, creates a presence suitable for the representative model of rock spirits, and the straight stroke of the guitarist who strikes powerfully. , the sharp cutting sound is output as it is, and the simplicity of capturing the sound strikes individuality.”

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 We use 8mm boxes designed for international shipping.

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