1983 Yamaha Supercombinator SC600 Samurai oil stain

$ 982.85

Very Good condition, 7/10, Made in Japan, neck through design with birdseye maple (3 ply maple/mahogany/maple), all original parts, 3pc Yamaha pickups, only slight fretwear, 5-way switch and a mini switch, more info: The SC600 appeared in the 1983 catalog and featured some (what Yamaha claimed) innovative features such as Alnico-5 pickups with hotter windings, a coil tap switch to halve the output, and a newly designed bridge with a large contact area to transmit vibrations to through the body. These guitars are a Fender scale at 25 1/2_, with a 22 fret neck.Yamaha SC600 4Probably the most striking feature of these guitars is the through-neck design. Those cool strips of wood are maple and mahogany, with the wings of the body attached (alder with an ash top). This type of build was popular for a while in the early 80s but it never seemed to catch on. These guitars have a thin neck profile that was all the rage in the 80s. And the sharpened headstock and offset body was reminiscent of the late 60s Yamaha SG guitars. Specifications (from Yamaha the catalog) Integral One-Piece Neck The SC600 features a neck of laminated maple and mahogany that extends through to the heel of the body ensuring optimum response, sustain and fine tone. Samurai headstock. 5-Position Pickup Selector High-Performance Bridge Both the SC600 feature a special Yamaha-designed bridge that is superior to other bridges used in guitars of this type. In this unique design, the strings are not bent drastically at the bridge saddles, so choking is easier and overall response is smoother. The large contact surface area of the bridge’s base transmits the string vibration to the body more efficiently for better body response. And the strings can be conveniently threaded from the top of the instrument rather than the more conventional bottom-loading system. Power-Packed Pickups The single-coil pickups used in the SC600 are a new design featuring powerful Alnico-5 pole magnets with extra coil windings for a fuller, fatter sound. The SC600 is provided with a coil tap switch that lets you switch out the extra coil windings for a bright, crisp tone. SC600 * Three top-performance Yamaha single-coil pickups. * Coil tap switch expands tonal range. Description from VintageSilvertones.com * 5 position pickup selector (1/1 2/2/2 3/3). * Thin neck design for greater playability. BODY: Alder with ash top FINGERBOARD: Rosewood, dot inlays, 22 frets-25 1/2″ scale. NECK: Laminated maple and mahogany through body. COLORS: Oil Stain