1980 Ovation Preacher Deluxe – w/ HSC (Free shipping)

$ 1549.00

Ovation’s foray into stereo outputs with this active HH pickup configuration that brings a mighty bight to an otherwise tame brand of acoustic guitars.

To my ears, and feel, the Preacher reminds me of an overcharged SG. In the end, active pickups didn’t end up being my thing and so I’m looking to pass this on to a loving owner. Check out the YouTube video I attached. You’ll get a good feel for what it sounds like and this very interesting compression these pickups can give when you push the volume.

The guitar is in very good condition with tons of fret life, truss movement, and a straight neck. The only wear is cosmetic over its 45 year life. Typical pick swirls. A bit of fade in color. Two scratches on the back I’ve photo’d with fingers for reference of size.

Thanks for watching and happy hunting!