1961 Gibson-made, Epiphone Century (E422T)

$ 3999.69

1961 Epiphone Century, made in Kalamazoo, MI by Gibson
RARE & ALL ORIGINAL (1 of 362 made)
pre-Tombstone headstock
Royal Burgundy finish
Wide Nut
5lbs, 7.5 oz

The Stathopoulous family built the Century under the Epiphone banner from 1939 until the mid-50s. One of the very first electric guitars ever made, it remains a sought after vintage gem, appreciated for its distinctive tonal character, comfortable playability, light weight, and iconic bare-bones design. Front and center of which is the original Gibson p90. This guitar screams and croons.

Whether used for jazz melodies, gritty blues, sweet soul, or classic rock, this guitar covers considerable sonic ground and is tailor-made for musicians who appreciate the charm and character of instruments from the golden age of electric guitar design. This guitar is a time capsule of peak Americana — Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Coca-Cola, and “Cadillac Records.”

In the Epiphone years, many of the Centuries Anastasio’s and “Epi” built were cherry, some were sunburst, and all featured a single made-in-NY neck pickup. This guitar’s story began four years after Gibson purchased Epiphone in 1957. By late 1960/1 Gibson had run out of the leftover Epiphone parts from the acquisition. Making it one of the first made in the transition to all-Gibson hardware.

  • It’s equipped with an original Gibson p90 from 1960-61.
  • This thing roars. One of the most magical dogears this player has ever heard.
  • Extremely powerful, warm, expressive and dynamic.
  • In your face tone, with the ability to be tamed by the single volume and single tone controls.

Don’t let the neck position fool you — this guitar is a House Rocker! It’s a mix of a vintage Junior and 335 (even though it’s a fully hollow body). It is comfortable and fast, with surprising upper note access, and very strong original frets, and that rude, golden-era Gibson p90. From T-Bone Walker and John Lee Hooker to early Black Keys, Mike Ness, Johnny Two Bags. This guitar will transport you from the Mississippi Delta to the Hill Country, from Detroit Rock City to Chicago and Orange County.

The original Royal Burgundy finish is gorgeous and translucent showing flamed maple on the neck and interesting woodgrain on the body. The body, binding, frets, pots, bridge, knobs, truss rod cover, 3-in-line (Gibson Deluxe) tuners, white pick guard…EVERYTHING is original and in excellent condition.

She’s not quite a case Queen, but she’s close and several steps above player grade. Just a couple of small dings that are photographed here. This guitar is rare, all original, vintage and drenched with vibe. Most impressive and surprising is how well it plays and the BIG sound. All the vibe is superficial and was earned.

One’s thing for sure: this guitar was well loved. Will you continue its legacy?