1960’s Teisco Conrad Lindell VN4 BARITONE guitar project MIJ

$ 499.99

***I will be listing a TON of cool things over the next few weeks, so make sure and check out my other items!!!***

Super cool, 4 pickup baritone guitar. Made in Japan in the 60’s.
26.5″ scale.
All electronics work, however a clean-up/rewire might be in store as everything seems a bit wonky.
But the pickups are strong. The switches work.
The problem here is the neck.
Not sure what’s going on.
There are a few dead spots on the lower frets, on the lower strings.
It just doesn’t play very well.
The good news is that there is a working truss rod. I am, however, not going to try to do anything.
So this is being sold as a project. It DOES work. And it technically plays — just not well hahaha
PLEASE only buy this knowing that it will absolutely need work to be be fully and completely playable.

No case. It will be packed VERY well.

I will be listing quite a number of super cool Japanese, American 
and some British fuzzes and other effects here in the next few weeks, as well as some amps and guitars. So pay attention. 
Ask any questions. I will do my best to answer them. 
I will entertain the idea of shipping overseas, but you MUST contact me beforehand as the shipping will be more than the quoted amount.


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I am not a shop. I am an individual seller. 
I will not make sound clips or videos, as I do not have the time or proper equipment to do so. 
Please do not ask me to take apart, disassemble or take pictures of things. I will provide all necessary information as it’s in my best interest to represent everything I’m selling in the best way possible. 
If you have never owned a piece of vintage musical gear, do your own due diligence and buy/make an offer accordingly. 
And speaking of offers, please do not waste my time or yours by low-balling me. I am accepting offers again because it’s easier than getting a bunch of messages. But I do not care about how you’re “willing to give this pedal/amp/guitar/etc etc a try” for such and such amount. I don’t care if you’ve been collecting or playing or whatever for 10, 20 or a hundred years. I’m always glad to have a chat and hear some stories, but I absolutely cannot stand tire kickers. 
Okay, I’m done. Thanks for reading.