1947 Gibson BR-6 Lapsteel 6-string black

$ 1110.04

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, Made in USA, including original brown softshell case with green lines on the lid, 6-strings, 2 clear knobs, replaced output jack plate, fine line checking all over the finish, modern bone nut, more info: Model: BR-6 LapSteel Available: July 1946 to 1960 July 1946 BR-6 LapSteel introduction specs: guitar shaped mahogany body, knobs on opposite sides, plastic control plate back-painted white, white bridge/pickup cover, square neck, white open-block fingerboard markers with numbers, black finish. 1948 BR-6 LapSteel introduction specs: gold plastic control plate and pickup cover, string ends visible, single bound top and back, metal fingerboard, gold painted markers, round neck, sunburst finish. mid-1950’s BR-6 LapSteel specs: knobs on same side. 1956 BR-6B LapSteel specs: black model, 77 sold 1956 to 1959. BR-6 discontinued 1960. BR-6B also cataloged 1956 to 1959. Probably a BR-6 with a black finish.