1 of a Kind Purple Lavender Telecaster Style Project Guitar w/ Clear Pickguard

$ 200.00

I bought this guitar lightly relic’ed a couple of years ago, stripped it, and painted it. It’s been sitting ever since and it’s starting to take up too much space. The neck feels fantastic and this is a great starting point for a really cool tele! I believe it was a Squier but the name and serial were sanded off before the previous owner aged the neck so I’m not certain.

I also made a template and cut the pickguard on a co2 laser cutter. It’s a clear acrylic pickguard and the brown is just the protective film covering it. I thought it would be cool to install some LED lights under the clear pickguard or just have it exposed.

This guitar will come with only one screw holding the pickguard on. It will require slightly longer screws than standard and it will crack easily. PLEASE DON’T OVER-TIGHTEN PICKGUARD SCREWS.