Music Man Limited Edition AXIS Spalted Maple (05/25)

$ 3138.08

It is a world limited 21 ultra-rare model using Spalted Maple for the body material.
This is a special edition model produced by directly selecting materials at the Ernie Ball / MusicMan factory in the United States, and you can enjoy the unique grain of wood that is characteristic of Spalted Maple.
One that realizes a loud yet tight tone with a compactly designed body with originality and a powerful pickup style with a simple structure.
The sharp sound is a unique tone that matches well with rock drive sounds.

There is a black stain peculiar to the neck.

Product rank: B (good product)

Year of manufacture: Made in 2009
Truss rod: With room
Fret: 80% or more
Accessories: Hard case / Genuine arm
Country of origin: USA
Weight: 3.73kg
Serial: G48046

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