Music Man Cutlass SSS Sunburst (05/25)

$ 1992.15

Cutlass Cutlass has been updated to fit the modern music scene while being based on vintage specs.
4: 2 The headstock has been changed to an oversized form, and the neck uses carefully selected maple.
The body material is a lightweight alder si, and the pickup is a custom-wound single-coil pickup mount that is conscious of the 60s sound.
A guitar with a bluesy tone full of vintage feel.
Although minor scratches can be confirmed, the overall feeling of use is very low, and the condition is kept clean.

Although there are fine line scratches, it is a used item in good condition with little usability as a whole.

Product rank: B (good product)

Year of manufacture: Made in 2016
Truss rod: With room
Fret: 80% or more
Accessories: Hard case / Genuine arm
Country of origin: USA
Weight: 3.33kg
Serial: G75146

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